Aelia Healing Center

Alternative Massage

Pricing for all Alternative Treatments is set to: 50 euros/hour and 30 euros/30min


Massage with special heating oils, to warm muscles and joints.
In combination with special cups, moxa, qua sha, special tools of traditional Greek and Chinese medicine, it helps to expel trapped moisture from the organs.
Helps with colds, back pain, abdominal pain, uterine moisture.


Japanese technique. It means pressure with the fingers and balances the energy in the meridians.

It includes muscle stretching, joint roaming, palm presses, thumbs, elbows.

Indicated for: cervical and lumbar syndromes, musculoskeletal pain, headache, stomach and hormonal disorders, migraine fatigue, diarrhea, tinnitus.


In traditional Thai massage, the recipient wears light clothing and the massage is performed on the floor.

Based on the Indian philosophy of yoga, otherwise known as "lazy yoga", it relaxes, aligns and refreshes the body from pain.

Techniques with stretching all over the body, presses with the thumbs, palms on the energy channels of the body.

Helps with flexibility, better blood circulation and musculoskeletal pain.


80% of the human body consists of water.

The vibrations from the sound waves are transferred to each molecule of water and moves. All organ cells vibrate and return to their original healthy condition.

Tibetan singing bowls are used for deep relaxation, stress reduction, holistic healing.

Sound therapy abroad is applied in hospitals, schools, children with special needs and is combined with many types of other techniques.


Rei means spirit. Ki means air.
A Japanese energy technique.

It is applied with the touch of the hands where through a universal "intelligence", the energy knows where to be directed after finding the health problems to be restored.


The human body produces an electromagnetic field around it and emits vibrations at specific frequencies. Not always stable.

Crystals also have vibrations and more stable elements since they exist in the mineral kingdom and can affect the electromagnetic field of the human body.

When the body suffers from symptoms, the vibrations show imbalances. Crystals can restore balance through their vibrations and reactivate its human potential.


We place beds side by side allowing you to enjoy a relaxing experience in a magical atmosphere for two.

It is worth loving our partner or friend and sharing moments together that unite us and we will remember them as a beautiful memory.


The added heat from the stones will help loosen tight tissue, releasing tension, help to relieve chronic aches and pain.

Clients who book a hot stone treatment at AELIA, may notice better circulation, improved mood and a general feeling of well being.